Australia Post is pushing for regulatory changes that will allow it to axe jobs and slash services to customers right across the country.

Under Australia Post’s current plans, one in four postie jobs will be lost and many more postal jobs will be at risk.

And on top of that, Australians’ mail service will decrease considerably, with significant cut-backs to the delivery of our mail.

Australia Post is using the COVID-19 crisis as cover to introduce these sweeping changes, but it has made no commitment to winding them back once the initial crisis period is behind us.

Australians deserve a quality postal service and Australia Post should be doing everything it can to improve our post – not drive it into the ground in order to save a buck.

Parliamentary Inquiry

The regulations Australia Post needs to be able to attack our postal service have already been approved by the Federal Government, however following intense campaigning from Australia’s postal workers and concerns customers, a Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia Post has been launched. The inquiry which will give the public an opportunity to scrutinise the true extent of Australia Post’s plans and allow the Parliament an opportunity to disallow the regulatory changes and save our post.

What is at risk?

The Australia Post modelling, which is very clearly outlined, involves cutting 1 in 4 postie jobs. You can’t cut one in four jobs and expect to deliver the same or a better service – it defies logic.

The Post Australia Post CEO is at pains to stress that there will be no ‘forced’ redundancies for ‘posties’ – she’s carefully choosing those words because the reality is there will be large scale job loss and the possibility of forced job cuts throughout the business.

And she’s been mincing her words when it comes to serves for Australians too. Under Australia Post’s plans, Australians will end up with a deceased postal service.

It’s been proven recently even more than ever before that a reliable postal service is critical. Australia Post should be doing everything it can to improve our postal service – not run it into the ground.