Stop the Postal Pandemic

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Australians need a strong and publicly owned post service.

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Stop the Postal Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Australia Post moved to slash critical services that households and businesses rely on – using the pandemic as an excuse.

These so-called ‘emergency’ measures are due to expire on June 30 this year.

But Australia Post want the Government to extend these service cuts.

Explosive revelations in a Senate Inquiry show that Australia Post is exploiting the pandemic to get away with permanent service cuts that will mean millions of Australians will continue to suffer from significantly delayed deliveries whilst up to 8000 workers face the threat of losing their jobs.

We have to stop Australia Post and the Government from locking in the lockdown measures. We need to stop the postal pandemic!

Will you email your MP and ask them to shut down Australia Post’s attempt to lock in the lockdown measures and to stop the postal pandemic?

Will you help us save Australia Post?

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